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Employer Benefits Inc. is a locally-owned insurance company dedicated to taking the complication out of obtaining quality insurance. Our experienced, straight-forward professionals enjoy what they do and work every day to help companies like yours offer superior health benefits.

Finding reliable coverage should never involve smoke and mirrors. EBI understands insurance and we are pleased to share our information with you. We will do all we can to inform your staff about their coverage so all members can clearly understand how to use their benefits package to its full potential.

EBI offers a wide range of affordable insurance policies and we guarantee that we will match your company with quality plans that meet all of your needs. We work closely with the highest-rated insurance companies in order to find your group the best possible products at the best possible prices, while maximizing your coverage.

For over 55 years of specializing in group benefits, EBI has offered loyalty and personal service to our clients and, in turn, we have earned their trust. By choosing EBI for your insurance needs, you are investing in your health. We believe there is nothing else more important.

Choosing a group insurance plan is an important decision and we will be glad to help you find the plan that best suits your team. Whether at our office or yours, we look forward to meeting with you and answering all of your questions.

Let us help take the complication out of obtaining quality coverage.

The EBI Team